What do Valerie Carlton, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange have in common?


I have been contacted by many outraged citizens, and journalists, who are insisting that all, who have the ability to hold their pens’ up like a sword in today’s growing economic, judicial, and environmental crisis, do so!

Thousands of individually concerned citizens are aggressively trying to reach out to the growing number of American Victims, who have been, or are currently under Rogue Judicial (unethical & unconstitutional) Attacks. However, I have yet to watch any news segment, nor read any article, which [A]- warns the mass public with current crisis statistics, and current publicly recorded case facts, that confirm the extent of current US Judicial Corruption. Articles on particulars of numerous “twisted verdict” cases are growing in numbers, although this may be the first article which addresses the macro – crisis connection.

Most Americans are well aware now. Wherever You go, within the United States you will witness our societies disintegrating pride, and trust in our Government, Or Worse.  So much so, that Many are denouncing our mass media, and urging other Americans to only trust news from more internal cyber news sources, which have, and are now gaining more trust via “whistle blowing disclosures”.

Therefore,  We need more people paying attention now to best ensure rescuing my now 11 year old daughter, WINNIFER HOPE Carlton, and the thousands of other American exploited children.

I am planning on developing my Blog. I have been concentrating on first developing my Facebook and Linked-in platforms for more diplomatic and political reasons. I am not interested in politics, but sometimes life throws us responsibilities we don’t like. Go figure that the two US Governors , who became involved in my Bogus Extradition Case will be running for the next US Presidential, Democratic Ticket! You should also be aware that President Obama has met with Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff this past October, 2013. The fact that President Rousseff has stated her support, and interest in “keeping families together”, and “Women’s Rights”, I am curious what will be her reaction 
when she learns about my Carlton Case?

Mr Carlton is an American Terrorist (please refer to this link for confirmation;http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism) , who learned how to manipulate a corrupt US Justice system, criminally spending millions of innocent tax payer dollars, just like Terrorist Corporations here do.

 I am aware that Albany, or New York state capital is aware of more than what had been negotiated between Maryland and New York Governors, and all District Attorney’s involved. I was there, I remember what took place…before, during, and after. It was clear that my life was in jeopardy, and for this fact, the top Attorney/ Rabbi/ President of Agudath Yisrael of America got involved.  Influential officials do not “pick-up their red phones unless it becomes dire to do so!                                                                                                                                                  

There is plenty of evidence in my case histories of conspiracy, cover-ups, and so forth. However, what everyone seems to be missing is the obvious fact that my daughter was being abused by “someone”, and many have cooperated to ensure that my daughter is kept silent!                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Outwardly, my case appears to be “a family dispute”, but what family dispute has ever involved two Governors’, a “connected” conviction Homicide Case, 28 felony sex abuse charges all dropped “after” my torture, psychiatric commitment, and infants “wrongful” death, which made global cyber news, political prisoner demonstrations, etc………………And- all Harford County Case files have either disappeared, or are being “held hostage” like my “sealed” Extradition Case file in Albany, New York, yet none of the near 200 media executives, and journalists I have connected with in Linked-in will communicate with me about why this story continues to be rejected by the Global Press?                                                                                                                                                        
- Another missed, obvious fact is that my heavily contested custody case in Harford County Maryland was “keeping its head above water” for years, and I had been awarded extensive parental visitation rights (with the help of a certain highly affluent Rabbis/ Attorneys’/ who had clients in high places), but ALL OF A SUDDEN…my “story” hit every front page paper in the state, soon after my ex-military Israeli/ German, global business CEO, attorney, boyfriend, who remains the father of my deceased son was “forced into the picture” by virtue of paternity.


Yaacov had intended to traffic, and exploit our son, and ensure that I could do nothing about it, by in part; joining forces with “all my enemies”, especially my ex husband, and his vast number of Evangelical Christian friends, and relatives. Realize that my daughter was there the entire time with the opposing masses- SHE SINCERELY TRIED TO WARN ME- I will never forget! How could a mother think such could be true?- THAT JANUARY BEFORE MY INCARCERATION : MAY 2009…days after my son was born….
She told me: “mommy, I don’t know why grandma Caffe is making me tell her about you and our times together during our Winnifer & grandma time now. She keeps questioning me about bad things that aren’t happening as if they are?”


It is true that we have plenty of evidence and witnesses. Anyone, who learns about my story in depth, never disputes my innocence.                                                                                                                My mother launched actions for Grand-parent visitation and rights. She had already been court ordered to facilitate my parental visitation via our Harford County custody case, and my visitation rights were ordered back in place once my 28 felony case was nol prossed. However, the county where my mother, daughter, and ex-husband resided back in 2011- refused to consider all existing, and prior orders (I understand that this is not the norm). My mother hired a very prominent California attorney, who is currently taking the final “twisted verdict” to appeal in the same Maryland County, which had been cooperating with Harford County against me even after Russell fled.                                                                                                                                                                   


Winnifer was an exceptional blonde hair, blue-eyed elementary school student, who was in girl scouts, and ice skated. We were closer than any other mommy and daughter I have ever known. Now- the only communication I received from my brother, who was told by my father, who has been deeply involved against me, that my daughter sent him a brief email requesting that he help her come home to the US and that she therefore needed two, one-way plane tickets. My father is very affluent, and has acted criminally against us in support of Mr. Carlton and his goals.                                                                                                                                                    
Furthermore, although Brazil is more pro-family and parental visitation rights than the US. The problem is that Mr. Carlton has a history of elongating court traffic with mountains of BS and postponements, only to find him in contempt of whatever favorable order our exhausted resources had won. He is extremely passive aggressive, and psychotic with control. To know my case, one will eventually recognize true evil in Russ Carlton, and Mr. Jacob Gendelman.


Lastly, Anyone who is following the case on Bradley Manning, may want to learn about my case as well. Both Mr. Manning, and I were tortured in Maryland Judicial Detainment facilities. What Mr. Manning has reported to the press in this regard I experienced as well, and I believe that other abuses I experienced during my detainment Mr. Manning could more than empathize with.

I am aware of thousands of torture cases within the US, that are not being reported. However, I am the only known female case, and unlike Bradley Manning I was/am innocent of the many criminal charges against me. Unfortunately, my case has been considered too “domestic” for most journalists to stop and piece together the deeper connections to be able “to see the trees through the forest.”

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