I try to write articles, that will most interest my subscribers and Facebook followers. However, I have received more requests in Linked In to relay more information with regard to how I have come under such extreme attack like other Whistle Blowers, who are only now beginning to “come out”. 

Know that there have been four people, who has contacted me  over the past approximately twelve months with regard to my past  relationship with Mr. Jacob Gendelman.  In all cases: One woman in Israel, 1 in the US (Washington DC), and 2 people in Germany chose NOT to marry, or date Mr. Gendelman any longer. Clearly- they too were suspicious.

I am not vindictive, nor do I harbor hate for any man. However, I do hate what Jacob (Yaacov) Gendelman, and my ex-husband, Russell Carlton have done to so very many people….. 

I am fearful that some who connect with me may not believe me…..I understand the stakes with the information I am offering. Mr. Gendelman not only attacked me, which ended up killing our son, and banishing my daughter into a distant and remote location with a psychopath, he also legally attacked my innocent little brother after making himself executor of our deceased son’s estate. Setting me up for wrongful incarceration was a part and parceled to ensure Mr. Gendelman’s goal of making millions of dollars off our child.

Our son was planned very precisely, because Jacob has discovered how to better manipulate laws through his child or children’s estate(s), as executor, and receive additional income and federal benefits as parental custodian of dependent minors. Therefore, Jacob considers how he will benefit most out of a “partnership”; sex, children to be used for financial gains, a cook, a free maid, a slave. Of course, Jacob travels away on “business” very frequently.

While I dated Jacob over seas, I attended several business meetings with Jacob. I dress up well. I became aware of A Lot. Jacob confessed A Lot of his criminal activities to me. He knew my situation was so desperate, that he thought I might love him, or chose him over my daughter and life in America if he “opened up to me more” as I often asked him to do. What, I’m trying to confess here is that I am aware of Jacob being criminally involved via global military connections, which have and do assist Jacob to ensure his immunity, or vindication from prosecution of dozens of felony crimes. 

Once a “partnership is sealed”…in my case, Jacob and I sealed our relationship when we conceived our son…. Jacob changes his charming character into what he actually is. I can honestly tell you, that out of all the men in my life, including my psychopath ex-husband, I feared for my life the most with Jacob once he realized I was pregnant. He acts like he LOVES CHILDREN…NOT SO!

Our son was forced into Foster Care after Jacob had me wrongfully incarcerated;, There is much, much more.

The truth is that as mentally unstable as my ex-husband is, and the mass of conspirators he has gained support and assistance from remains weak and defensive, rather than offensive and “in the shadows” like Mr. Gendelman as my situation and case progresses forward. As Valerie Carlton, I have become some what of an expert on Deception even to the point of greatest corruption, which because of Mr. Gendelman I became exposed to. I had some prior experience with local government corruption, because of my ex husband’s ties to underground Nazi and White Supremacist US organizers, and from having dated a US Naval Air force Commander, while my ex-husband was clearly terrorizing my daughter and I.

I believe that I was wiser to Jacob’s involvements than most women would be. However, In addition, I was suspicious that Jacob was seeing other women throughout our 14 month relationship. One time I phoned Jacob unexpectedly and caught him with a gleeful woman in the background, so obvious that Jacob excused himself as” being on business in Holland and was simply conversing with his warehouse manager on matters strictly business.” However, my suspicion was confirmed when one of the past 3 women who contacted me, turned out to be that very “warehouse manager”.

I could go on and on…. Just know that when Jacob had first requested that I contact his rabbi, when we were talking marriage…Jacob’s rabbi in Frankfurt, Rabbi Gurewitsch; told me that Jacob had women “interested in him” in every place/city, that Jacob has “business”. At the end of our conversation he wished me “Good Luck” in a tone to warn me, rather than as a mazel.

I still know that this man is a danger to more people than Mr. Carlton is. They are both criminals, and both have corrupt connections, who have assisted them. They have both terrorized innocent victims, and have manipulated millions of US dollars out of American banks to spend most selfishly over seas. However, when Mr. Carlton’s Clan have gone for corrupt government assistance they gained such support only at the state level in Maryland and New York, while Mr. Gendelman was able to gain US military support, which forced even federal branches to “back off”, or cooperate.

Now, what does this tell you about YOUR GOVERNMENT? Consider who backs off from who, and why? Sometimes transparency isn’t actually obtaining X-Ray vision like Superman, but rather it is simply recognizing the forest through the trees.

17 Responses to “Transparency”

  1. me says:

    Jacob Gendelman is a creep. See “Jay”.

  2. me says:

    Jacob Gendelman does NOT live in Switzerland as he claims. He lives in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, Grethenweg 129, in a stinking rat hole.

    • Shoshana says:

      Jacob is driven by lust and is a control freak – he arranged a date with me and launched straight into sex talk but didnt get anywhere. I could barely stand his unhinged driven nature.

      • Valerie Carlton says:

        I just received this comment now. I’m sorry for your discomfort with Jacob. He is not a very nice person for sure. I hope all is well with you now. My email is if you need to contact me directly. Thank You,
        Valerie (Sarah bas Hinda)

      • Girly says:

        Yes, he is out for sex, but also for money.

        He claims to be the owner of Rhino Linings Europe. This is an American owned company and he is just an employee in charge of sales. He uses this as a ploy to impress women.
        It is not a good idea at all to agree to visit him in his apartment. You understand what I mean … And you are alone …

        And yes, me, it is a stinking rat hole. This man is broke and is out for money. He is looking for some woman who will cater to his physical needs and support him financially. Stay away from him!!!

        • Valerie Carlton says:

          angel- he recently made close to a million off our dead son’s estate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacob killed our baby himself. There was a conviction….a babysitter was convicted of negligent homicide but she never confessed, or admitted to the crime, and our son’s body was in a strange location with blood coming out of his nose. The autopsy stated he was suffocated- still very suspicious, etc. I have not had any association with Jacob in years. You seem to think he is a low life and a bad guy but you don’t seem to realize how dangerous and criminal he is. I don’t know who you are but its clear that you saw who he was pretty quickly and got out before any real harm was done. I still haven’t been able to get a penny from my son’s death awards and I still can’t even visit his grave. I don’t know why you left a comment here…..people have no clue about Jacob Gendelman, but you know and I know, and that seems to be only two people in the world which is scary for all of the other unsuspecting victims out there. Last I heard he was marrying some woman in California who has a wealthy brother and she stands to gain inheritance after he passes???

          • Girly says:

            Jacob Gendelman also likes to call himself Kobi Yogev, or just Kobi on dating sites.

          • Valerie Carlton says:

            Good to know. I guess he needed to change his name….Maybe more than you and I do know the “person” he is.

        • lili says:

          Shoshanna and Girly,
          I also met him, where are you girls from?
          why do you say he wants money / sex?

          • Valerie Carlton says:

            No “girls”…
            MANY people have contacted me to warn and confirm about Gendelman.
            He is one of the most dangerous and evil men I have ever met and we were together for 14 months.
            He is an excellent actor and charmer in disguise.

  3. Jana says:

    Dear Valerie. in the time when you was together with Jacob and became pregnant he was in relationship with me in Frankfurt. Such a measure.I am in shock with all your story

  4. Jana says:

    and I’ve always been waiting for him when he comes back from America,

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