Part II: Why Agenda 21 Has Ushered In A New Holocaust.

barbedwireDuring the era of the Holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived “racial inferiority”: Roma (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds, among them Communists, Socialists,Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals.

The Holocaust, was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Though Europe now thrives, its writers and politicians are preoccupied with death. The mass killings of European civilians during the 1930s and 1940s are the reference of today’s confused discussions of memory, and the touchstone of whatever common ethics Europeans may share. The bureaucracies of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union turned individual lives into mass death, particular humans into quotas of those to be killed. The Soviets hid their mass shootings in dark woods and falsified the records of regions in which they had starved people to death; the Germans had slave laborers dig up the bodies of their Jewish victims and burn them on giant grates. Historians must, as best we can, cast light into these shadows and account for all people: Holocaust: The Ignored Reality


Now, my life in the 20th & 21st century(s) has met; “systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder,” and I am an American Jew. To know my case, my life, my public records, indisputably illuminates this fact. To research the facts in my case, chronologically, and considering the deepest connections with all that is directly involved, further illuminates the fact that the American Federal, and State bureaucracies involved clearly, and aggressively conspired to “cover-up”, even purging public records, that had already been identified in the main stream press.

It is a known fact, that my extradition case in New York was closed in January 2012. However, no file, or record exists in any court to confirm this fact. “The File” has been “sealed”, and is being “kept” in Albany, with New York confidential state records. Even my retained attorneys have had their formal requests to obtain a copy of “my record” denied, despite my constitutional right to exhibit these documents for my proper vindication, and due process. Indeed, all has been completely “systematic”; the twists and turns, bureaucratically corrupt with a malicious agenda.

I could obviously go on more about the long list of personal injustices, which have played out in my life reflectively similar to pre-WWII. Although, I am writing this blog for your sake now, not mine. The links I have pasted within Part One & Part Two of this article, can not only better educate you with regard to “the Truth” about American Governing Agenda’s, but they also support my personal testimonies, what I have experienced, what I have witnessed, and what my life and case has tried to exhibit.

I have seen, and experienced starvation. It is rampant in all state correctional facilities. The higher security, the greater is the persecution and human rights violations going on within. I have witnessed the systematic murder of innocent, incarcerated prisoners. I have experienced the bureaucratic murder of my own infant son, here in America! My home was ransacked by local “law enforcement”, my religious possessions mocked, damaged, or destroyed. There are records of everything I state here now; it happened, and it is happening more and more to innocent minorities, especially Women, Blacks, and Muslims, which I believe correlates, and supports Agenda 21.

More stories of human rights violations in prisons.



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