In fellowship and advisement to all…

KenesetIn fellowship and advisement to all…


That the global community is aware of the crisis within the United States of America.

We have been crying loud enough now apparently. The statistics on violence, on gun control, on prosecutorial misconduct, and government silence is alarming. The sound, the “slight” media exposure, the questions have now provoked a global alarm.

It isn’t about my case, about the hundred thousands of wrongfully imprisoned Americans, and corruptly prosecuted Americans, about the innocent women and children who are being devoured as commodities in this American denigrating  judicial structure… It is about HUMAN RIGHTS and Social Evolution on a Global Page now.

The US created terrorism when it pushed the “pause button” on The Halauaust. We didn’t end the war- we simply disengaged. From “disengaging in World War two, we caused another effect, which although less physically barbaric  has become a most irresponsible “cover-up” to which many negatives have domino-ed out from.

World War two did not end;- it was merely put “in pause”. However, the infrastructural never fully disconnected. Rather, it has evolved, gained intelligence, and momentum in a underground network of official agencies and agents who are still driven with the same “Nobel cause” corrupt goals.

However, the negative energies, “the force” underlying the global purification/ anarchist movement of our last century, our last World War continues to evolve and root on our planet in a place , which is more equip t to facilitate this anarchist goal than Germany was in the 20th century.

THE WORLD is aware, they have been and continue to be directly affected. Consider Uncle Sam playing the part of Judas in the trials, and crucifiction of Christ. This is not an uncommon sen-aria. We are living and realizing a time where Mankind, consumed with ego, and deceptive evils has infected the most powerful balance of justice, and humane due process on Earth:

The American Legal System.

Where else on Earth has such laws, such Democracy and rooted Constitution? It was build upon a New World  a place of pioneers and refugees from religious persecution and dictatorship. Ah- our Lady Liberty has held her torch high to the world, for humanities sake, for Justice, and Freedom’s sake, but where are we now?

We are covered in blood, in tears, through sweat, begging for Mercy now, and the terrorists laugh. They make their bombs, their armies of lost/confused souls who are desperate for anything bigger than the mundane basics of human existence. We, Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty allowed this to evolve, to push pause on the conscience act of human extermination, and the consideration of what could be human waste; societal trash, needing to be disposed of for a higher order; to evolve.


The World is asking… ”  what  the “F!”?” Our past mistakes, our economic collapse, our “new” administration, our corporate responsibility, our political circus… where else, who does this transcontinental, snobbish whine? Should dateline and 60 minutes step-up? Should we investigated how we have ill-\affected the globe? OF COURSE NOT- SHAME ON US!!


The global communities are beginning to become angered with disgust, with considering; “how dare they”, and why should we simply watch, and wait for more barbarities to evolve? And—

they are right!

I AM NOT A CASE, I AM A CAUSE: I am The Poster Case on how the US is screwing The World.

Sure, we can shake our fingers at North Korea, we can squabble about Chinese Politics, and how to step up on the backs of Euro enterprise-rs, who were un-educated, or aware of the underground shift that evolved into the 21st century out of World War Two.

The remote Warlords and terrorist leaders ain’t seen nothing yet!

The past forty years of violence research all comes back to a global nucleus here within the United States of America… Take the violence in Africa, in countries plagued with terrorist regimes, and dictatorial governments, of current wars- and then consider numbers, numbers of innocent civilians murdered, of military personnel counted in body bags, of children separated from loving parents and families, and you will find the imbalance.

The United States is far removed from the rest of our global civilization. We have become a continent of violence, of unlawfulness, and perversion of human dignities, and worse… The World has looked to us over the last centuries. They have seen our American Constitution and flags waving as indication of a “New World , a “better World”, a stronger \ more humane, and civilized world to which order can finally be confidently structured upon, and within, but what about now?


This Christ will Not be resurrected IF the World stands by during this crucifiction march, and remains silent. To my Christian Friends: “What Would Jesus Do?”

SO- I HAVE BEEN ASKED: What do we do now? How do we save Lady Liberty and The New New World?

And I replied:

” She Can Not be saved now. But The World, This planet needs to realize what this means, and how this occurred. WE need to consider humanity far beyond the confines of The United States.

We are evolving into a Global Community. We are beginning to realize our responsibility to our environment and planet, but what about to mankind? What about Humanity?

The United States, China, India, The European Alliances all effect, and rely on one another. Your world is my world, and we are humans, not aliens of different worlds, but we- mankind must share this planet.  We have an international alliance in place, young and naive to the the serious responsibilities, and actions needed at at this time, but it is in place. A need was considered long ago.

Ahhhh- but WHO should be elected to this global court, and how, why can such need and cause evolve? Those currently in place are diplomats, not military executives, nor Humanitarians. People, who are in places of greater comforts and power. Please try to understand what this means, and how important it is to have strong Humanitarians in place.

I am a number. A unique number for the fact of the American legal history I have made, and hidden agendas I am bringing into awareness, which can be learned, and realized from researching the facts surrounding my case; The facts are abdominal. My case not only proves that the American legal due process is broken, it can also explains how and why.

Just with my case alone: The United States of America has enabled a clinically diagnosed madman to exploit and abuse a innocent blonde, and blue-eyed little girl, a Jewish child to be persecuted and manipulated on a global page in front of the world with no response, no apologies, nor explanation of why they allowed this to happen, in part because of how common this barbaric “trafficking” has become within our corrupt American structure.

She was first 6, now 10 years old, and clearly suffering from progressed Stockholm Syndrome in Brazil. Realize that this is an innocent English speaking, American little girl, yet the media remains silent?

You tell me- what other person/Jew is spouting this stuff after being falsely incarcerated, and tortured twice in the 21st century?

Wake-up World! question, demand ANSWERS!

Sandy Hook, Columbine, Connecticut, and Boston are trying to tell you> WE HAVE LOST DEMOCRACY, AND THE CAUSE AND EFFECTS ARE HARMING THE WORLD WITH RAPIDLY DEVELOPING STATICS AND ALARMS! we need your help mankind, womankind and we need it now!

Those of you who don’t get this reasoning now- will. I am provoking your interest to educate you through truth. Not any truth, but truth which demands MERCY for mankind.

I welcome your comments, and humbly thank you for your consideration.

Don’t trust me?- maybe you are skeptical that I may be a “flake”? Go ask anyone if they think The United States Of America knows what it’s doing, and is the place of Liberty, Justice and Civil Freedoms and see what they tell you.

Then- ask individuals who live outside of the United States, and hear what they say and compare.


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