October 15, 2012

United States Attorney

Mrs. Loretta Lynch

271 Cadman Plaza East

Brooklyn, New York 11201


Dear Mrs Lynch,


I have been instructed to contact you on a few separate occasions over the past two years. Your friend, an advocate of mine, and expert witness in my case, Dr. Mark Mills MD., JD, spoke to you in person in 2011. I believe he tried to inform you of a corrupt case in Maryland, and you advised him to contact US attorney, Rod Rosenstein per your referral.  I was actually living in Flatbush at that time.

I came to New York seeking refuge from the worst religious persecution and civil rights violations ever experienced in the 21st century as articles published now document. We have all read, or have heard horrific stories of unimaginable, barbaric anti-Semitism, but not here, not in the United States of this America, and certainly not in this modern time. However, I must impress upon you to take these words as seriously as any warning you have ever been presented with. I can assure you that every word, any question you may have, can be confirmed with tangible, solid evidence and facts. Mark Mills and Albany can assure you that my claims are sound and valid. Governor Cuomo’s extradition specialist, Ms. Swan can confirm that I have now been granted asylum here in New York because of Maryland’s maleficence.

My name is Valerie Carlton, my web site is www.ValerieCarlton.com. I have escaped death several times. I have been physically tortured as my recent MRI will confirm. I have experienced the deepest hell which only a loving parent can know, and I have had to fight for my survival against the deepest political, government corruption which in part enabled me asylum here. You should know that all of my suffering was caused by the simple fact that I am a Jew and desired to expose my children to their Jewish heritage.

As far as we know, I am the only American citizen and Jew, who has ever been granted asylum by a state because of the gross anti-Semitism and corruption within another state in this union. Through my experiences I have learned and amassed the knowledge which many have insisted that I share with you, both to educate you and for assistance with hopeful prosecution and so forth.

 My legal team had to prove that my life and liberty would be curtailed if I were extradited back to the state I fled from. I have spent the last ten years fighting for my life and liberty, and that of my two children who remain separated from me, one by death, and the other by abduction. I do not know if you have heard anything about my story? I am certain that you are not aware of the intelligence I have gathered. You see, my ex-husband’s families were affiliated with low numbered officers in the Nazi Party during the last World War. His maternal grandfather relocated to Germany to run Frito Lay’s German corporate division, while the Nazi Party took hold there.

My ex-husband’s paternal families are evangelical; Southern Baptist’s who have politically and socially evolved via marriages within the growing Christian missions and white supremacist world. You may be aware how many Nazis fled to the United States, particularly in states adjoining Washington DC for various. You may also be aware of the history of American civil rights atrocities within the United States, especially in southern, Bible belt states. However, I do not know if you are aware of how the two merged and what has now emerged? I have found a video link which might help explain a bit of this background: http://valeriecarlton.com/index.php/what-you-can-do

Please recall that I fled from the state of Maryland, which contains the most United States military installations, facilities, and underground than any other state in the union. What I discovered, why my life was, and remains in such jeopardy, was in part, because of these facts and why most Americans, especially minorities have been intentionally “kept in the dark”. Although my story reads like a Shakespearean family tragedy, one needs to question why our government has been so involved and interested, and then not interested despite the fact that my extradition case became the “priority matter” of two states in 2011. There are minor details which have become lost, shadowed by the civil rights barbarities and magnitude of legal injustices

Although I discovered a Christian, anti-Semitic regime with solid connections into the Nazi Party developing in Maryland and surrounding locations, it wasn’t until I developed a deeply personal relationship with an Israeli, Mosad commander currently living in Germany, that I became privy to the “Big Picture”. I realize the odd impact of this "curve ball" of information. Unfortunately, it is true. We had a son, who was killed at two months old, outright Manslaughter, although the case was covered up as a negligent homicide in Delaware, and a juvenile scape goat was convicted.

Please realize that I am not the only Jew who has been falsely charged and incarcerated within the United States of America. However, I am the only American citizen who has been granted asylum AFTER having been falsely incarcerated twice. Public records now support this claim. My extradition case within Rockland County, New York can be confirmed through public records, although suspiciously vague. Although I have asylum here, the Judicial System is a national system which Has remained in position to obstruct. Understand that administration corruption is rampant within our judicial system. Whatever information has gotten into “the records”, and not been appealed, is accepted and determined as fact.

I have tried to go through federal agencies, including Mr. Rosenstein’s office per your advice, in hope that I could rise above the judicial obstacles. Unfortunately, I only discovered federal corrupt connections and higher walls. Never the less we have some friends at high levels within this state who have advised me how to break such walls. Unfortunately, although to do so will not be terribly difficult, it requires legal knowledge and complex know-how which I do not have. Understand that such a victory would send a very strong slap to the strengthening corrupt system via a backfire effect within their federal channels. There is also a great financial opportunity, via requesting awards for damages from Maryland within New York’s Federal District now that jurisdiction can be argued from the position of my asylum and residency here. I have been advised by Albany, but I have no attorney to assist me with these actions at this present time. Never the less, a pro bono firm is not able to prosecute. The crimes which have been committed against me and my family, against other Marylanders and New York continue to domino. My now ten year old daughter remains a hostage in Brazil with her delusional and dangerous, evangelical-white supremacist’s father. Her custody was granted to him by the same corrupt system I was forced to flee from.

When Mark came to you in 2011, he was not aware of the level of involvement. He recognized the obvious injustice and was highly concerned at what degree of corrupt practices was going on “seemingly” unreported. We now believe that part of the problem may reside with a US military connection with one of my “exes’”, my son’s father. Although my son’s father, Jacob Gendelman is an ex-Mosad commander, he is also the International Director and European partner of a large American based chemical company by the name, Rhinolinings; (http://www.rhinolinings.de/linings/rhino/rhino.htm). Be aware that Rhinolinings has international military contracts, including with the US.

We now believe that federal, investigative agencies, and due process to prosecute, have been intentionally obstructed via military intelligence orders. To prosecute Mr. Gendelman would be considered a threat to national security and allegiance to Israeli military intelligence. Of course some of our Maryland defendants would have similar national security protection because of such military involvement with what they officiate.  I do hope you can read outside these lines.

I need your help! Why: because you know Dr. Mills doesn’t fib, because you know that Governor Cuomo doesn’t offer asylum without formal and proper reason, because the civil rights atrocities committed against me and my family are not a hoax, nor are they isolated in singularity. There are other Maryland civil rights corrupt cases currently being covered up. Simply, I am the only one who has made it out alive, and who has gained the position of asylum in another state. It hasn’t been easy!

 My asylum status should enable New York to fight crimes committed in Maryland against me here, to prosecute and litigated in New York’s federal courts in the state where I reside and am being injured and victimized by outside corrupt means and forces. I am NOT an attorney, or politician. I am a single, Jewish mother who has yet been able to visit my infant son’s grave, who has not been able to get any word to my terrorized little girl that her mother is alive and still loves and misses her most dearly, I cannot get the proper medical attention for my PTSD and painful injuries sustained via torture and civil rights abuses because of civil corrupt orders infecting my Social Security Disability and social service agencies. My drivers records have been corrupted, my medical records, financial records, and “gathered intelligence” have all been ill affected. Apparently, a judge has the power to order such actions without question. I could not afford to appeal decisions financially, nor physically while I was running, and hiding for my life.

Mrs. Lynch, where I now live I can see the statue of liberty. She is far off, but I can see her torch is always raised up high. I look to her and I try to understand why she is there, why in New York, and I begin to feel strengthened with hope. I gave my daughter the middle name Hope. I could have never imagined how appropriate that name would someday be.



With the Utmost Respect,


Valerie Carlton




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